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Le King David offers a fresh opportunity for our residents to live life to its fullest in a vibrant and friendly assisted living environment. Each of our residents enjoy their independence with personalized care available, when needed. All residents are encouraged to participate in social and recreational programs that enhance quality of life while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Our premises are well appointed, modern and comfortable; easily adapting to all the comforts of home . . . and so much more.

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How to Be Happier and Live Longer

“The concept of “positive aging,” also referred to as “healthy aging,” is achievable by every older person as we work to make better choices in the near-term to improve our lives in the long-term.” Positive Aging: Changing Your Mindset About Growing Older by Brad Breeding| July 23rd, 2018

Remaining positive in life contributes to longevity. Numerous high-level studies worldwide have produced similar results finding that seniors who are positive and those who have an optimistic outlook on life live longer, happier and more fulfilled lives. The concept of “positive aging,” also referred to as “healthy aging,” means that we recognize aging as a normal part of life that we must relish. Even when challenges arise whether in illness or otherwise, we must continue to do what we love and what makes us happy.

There are diminishing factors that are a reality in life. Not every senior has the same physical strength and capacity of their youth. A supportive environment that promotes healthy lifestyle should also encourage seniors to embrace positive aging and continue to pursue life’s passions. In a caring environment that encourages respect for seniors, age and experience are touted as powerful assets illuminating the fact that, as seniors, we will continue to make many positive contributions positive contributions to the world around us.

Dr. Manfred Diehl, professor of human development and family studies at Colorado State University, has done extensive research on adults’ perceptions and understanding of their own aging process. Dr. Diehl created a list of ways to adopt a more positive attitude toward your own aging process. Source: https://www.mylifesite.net/blog/post/positive-aging-changing-mindset-growing-older/

He suggests that seniors:

        1. Stay physically active by doing at least 30 minutes of movement or exercise every day.
        2. Exercise your brain by engaging in mentally challenging activities, and never stop learning new things.
        3. Adopt an overall healthy lifestyle by eating healthfully, getting enough sleep, managing weight, and not drinking in excess or smoking.
        4. Stay connected to other people by nurturing relationships with your spouse or partner, family, friends, neighbors, and others in your community, including young people.
        5. Create positive emotions for yourself by practicing positive emotion exercises and learning to feel good about your age.
        6. Don’t sweat the small stuff; accept what you cannot do, and ask for help when needed.
        7. Set goals for yourself and take control of the steps needed to achieve them.
        8. Minimize life stress; practice healthy coping techniques, and learn to relax and unwind.
        9. Have regular medical check-ups, take advantage of health screenings, and engage in healthy preventive behaviors.

Embrace good lifestyle options. Continue to be positive. Enjoy your life. Even when you may encounter struggles, from time to time, remember that positive thinking and optimism are fundamental to living longer and being happier in life.

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