About Our Residence

Le King David offers a fresh opportunity for our residents to live life to its fullest in a vibrant and friendly assisted living environment. Each of our residents enjoy their independence with personalized care available, when needed. All residents are encouraged to participate in social and recreational programs that enhance quality of life while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Our premises are well appointed, modern and comfortable; easily adapting to all the comforts of home . . . and so much more.

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Dining at Le King David

The dining experience at Le King David reflects our commitment to excellence. We take pleasure, every day, in serving our residents a constant variety of delectable and satisfying meals. There is nothing like home cooking at Le King David… You’re Home!


Three hearty meals are prepared fresh daily by the Le King David on-site chef, ensuring freshness and flavour. All meals are prepared in the traditional style from only the best choice ingredients and served in ample portions in our elegant restaurant-style dining room. Our meals are perfectly balanced by a qualified dietitian to be deliciously appetizing, wholesome and healthy.


Menus are planned on a weekly rotation to ensure that nutritional balance is a part of our residents’ daily dining experience. Our aim is to satisfy the most discriminating palate with delectable options for every appetite. The finest, flavourful ingredients are presented with a focus on health and well-being. Kashrut is strictly observed under the auspices of the MK. Our professionally trained culinary staff combines high quality meals and first class service to ensure a positive dining experience each and every day. We ensure each resident’s specific dietary and medical needs are accommodated.


Residents also enjoy refreshments and afternoon tea daily.


Invited family members are always welcome to enjoy a meal in our beautifully appointed dining room. We accommodate family seating when residents entertain invited guests.